IMO 2022

Welcome to the IMO in Oslo 2022!

The University of Oslo, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and, in particular, the Department of Mathemathics is happy to confirm that the 63rd International Mathematical Olympiad will be hosted in Oslo in 2022.

IMO in Norway is a collaboration between the Ministary of Education and The University of Oslo.

We have not yet decided on the exact dates for the competition, but it will be announced here when it is ready, along with other practical information.

About the IMO

The International Mathematical Olympiad as a competition high school students, and each country can send up to 6 participants.

It was first held in Romania in 1959, and has since then been held every year except in 1980.

In 2017 the IMO was held in Rio de Janeiro with delegations from 111 countries. In 2018 the IMO will return to Romania where it will be held for the 6th time. In the following years, the competition will be held in the United Kingdom (2019), the Russian Federation (2020), the United States of America (2021) and finally in Norway (2022).

You can read more about the IMO on Wikipedia and look at historic results on the official IMO site.

About Oslo

Oslo is the capital of Norway, and its biggest city. There are about 660 000 people living in Oslo, with a metropolian area with a total of about a million people.

Here is a map of Oslo: